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New Website Design & Development

For businesses showcasing services, products, brands or portfolios.

Websites Built For Purpose

No two websites are the same. Depending on your unique goals and requirements, we custom design our websites on either WordPress or Squarespace. They are easy-to-manage by your team and designed to evolve with your business. Our website design & development work is completed in-house in Melbourne.

A strategically designed website will align with your business ethos & deepens bonds with your user base & customers. From simple portfolios which showcase projects and your offering, to complex frameworks that provide a holistic infrastructure for your sales, marketing and lead generation.

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Wordpress Website Design - Websites designed and developed on WordPress by Websites Au Melbourne

Advantages of our websites:

  • Optimised for Speed

  • Easy to Manage

  • Cost Effective

  • Search Engine Ready

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Visually Impactful

  • Researched

  • Tailored To Your Business Needs


Building your new website

A website needs to be designed for the user at all costs, therefore thorough planning and exploration is vital.

Our team are highly experienced website developers. We know the order in which to design, build and launch a website, as well as the hurdles to navigate.

It’s our belief that limiting revisions at each stage of the design process is crucial in the development of a remarkable website.

There are 5 key phases in a website build. Each phase needs to be worked through thoroughly and chronologically to ensure the best result.

Revisions are completed at the conclusion of each phase to ensure your new website successfully embodies the users goals, needs & values, as well as those of the business.

Lastly, it’s how we ensure that your website is optimised for site speed, mobile-first design and launches SEO-ready.


Website Vision & Brand Positioning

This is the planning. Definition of all business values, targeting and activities (Who, What, Why, How, SWOT)

Wireframing & Site Mapping

The wireframe is put together using the planning from phase 1. it's now about designing the structure of the website, deciding where appropriate elements and functionality should sit within your website.

Visual Page Layout Design

We now create visual mockups for each individual page of the site. This is the stage where we start to incorporate imagery, copy, branding elements such as correct fonts, logos and colours.

The Build

Upon sign off of visual design layouts, we complete the entire build of your website as per the agreed design

Testing, Implementation & Live

Once the design is built, we test (mobile, tablet & desktop), attempt to break, host and push the website live.

What we require to get started

Business Branding

A website is an important extension of your business and generally one of the first touch points for your potential clients.

By starting with a clear brand identity, we can design and shape a website that accurately portrays your business’s brand effectively and consistently.

A Brand Identity should include:

  • Brand ID
  • Your logo
  • Colour palette
  • Fonts
  • Icons
  • Language


Users navigate through websites extremely fast. Website copy must be engaging and written specifically for your target market.

Prior to commencing a website build it’s important to collate original, relevant & informative wording for your website content.

Copywriting is a service that we proudly offer, accompanied by deep competitor, target market and key term research.

Visual Elements

Pictures tell a thousand words. Users are far more likely to engage with relevant imagery, iconography, animation and video than large swarms of text.

It’s important to think about what sort of media your website will utilize and how you plan on sourcing the content.

There are many options for sourcing including purchasing stock imagery/ video/ animation, supplying our team with existing content or hiring a content producer such as a photographer or videographer to create original content on your behalf.

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