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Top-Level Domains

What is a Top-Level Domain (TLD)?

A top-level domain is the part at the end of a domain name. It’s what comes after the ‘dot.’ It could look like:

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Each TLD has its own meaning and are split into two categories. Generic TLD’s and country-specific TLD’s.
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What do they do?

Top-Level Domain names recognise an element of the associated website, such as its purpose; business, education, government, its owner or geographical area it originated from.

Who manages a TLD?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) coordinates domains and IP address. They also manage applications for creating new TLD’s or to use one for a domain name.

Top-Level Domain FAQ

What are some examples of TLD's?

  • .com (commercial business)
  • .gov (government website)
  • .edu (educational websites)
  • .org (organisations – generally charities)
  • .au (Australia)
  • .ca (Canada)

I am an Australian business should I use .com or or .au is the preferential TLD for all Australian businesses. In order to be granted use of a or .au the user must demonstrate they are a registered Australian business with an existing ABN or ACN.

Do TLD's effect SEO?

Yes, to some extent. A TLD is associated with a particular region or industries and some search engines use this to determine the relevance of certain websites to certain search queries. However, the impact is small and other factors increase SEO more.

Can anyone make a new TLD?

Yes, but the process is lengthy and expensive. Anyone can apply to create a new TLD but they must meet strict criteria.

Can anyone register a domain name with any TLD?

Anyone can register any domain name with any TLD as long as the domain name is available meets the requirements of the TLD.

What is the process of getting a TLD?

The first step is submitting an application to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and undergo the evaluation process. Certain criteria must be met and technical, financial and operational capabilities must be proven to show you can manage a TLD.

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