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Shopify Websites

For businesses selling their products or services through an online store.

Power Your E-commerce Online Store

Shopify websites are highly versatile online stores that provide everything you need to power and scale your e-commerce business.

We build websites on Shopify that are unique and innovative, adopting the latest technology and design principles. Our Shopify websites provide a familiar and seamless user experience – from discovery to checkout in order to nurture trust among your customers.

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Shopify Website Developers Melbourne

Building your Shopify website

Building an e-commerce online store requires five distinct phases. Each phase needs to be worked through thoroughly and chronologically to ensure the best result. Revisions are completed at the conclusion of each phase to ensure your new website successfully embodies your business vision, goals, needs & values.

This constant revision process allows for a well-thought solution that is tailored to the specific needs of your key user, as well as your business. Secondly, it’s how we ensure that your website is optimised for site speed, mobile-first design and SEO-ready HTML & content.


Website Vision & Brand Positioning

This is the planning. We look at how many products & categories are required in your Shopify store. We also define the goals, target market and your business values.

Wireframing & Site Mapping

The wireframe is put together using the planning from phase 1. it's now about designing the structure of the website, deciding where appropriate elements and functionality should sit within your website.

Visual Page Layout Design

we create visual mockups of each main website page, category pages & individual products. This is the stage where we start to incorporate imagery, copy & branding elements such as correct fonts, logos and colours.

The Build

Upon sign off of visual design layouts, we complete the entire build of your website as per the agreed design

Testing, Implementation & Live

Once the design is built, we test (mobile, tablet & desktop), attempt to break, host and push the website live.

Our Shopify website focus points:

User Experience

About the Shopify platform

The Shopify platform offers an all-in-one solution that takes care of everything needed to offer your customers a familiar user shopping experience.

This includes technical aspects such as hosting, website security, payment systems, reporting and inventory management.

Shopify online store features:

  • Ecommerce Website
  • Manual Order Creation
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Reports
  • Fraud Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Discount Codes
  • Gift Cards
  • Shipping Labels
  • Blogs

Shopify online store inclusions:

24/7 Support
Web Hosting
Seamless Checkout
Online Store
SSL Certificate

Frequently asked questions & pricing

How much is a Shopify plan?

Shopify Plans start at $29USD/month.

Advanced plans are available for business owners who need additional staff accounts + are looking for reduced transaction rates per transaction.

What are the Shopify credit card rates?

On the basic Shopify plan merchant rates per transaction are:

Online Australian credit card rates: 1.75% + 30¢ AUD (Approx.)

Online International/Amex credit card rates: 2.9% + 30¢ AUD (Approx.)

*Rates correct as of November 2022

What's Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus offers you superior features and functionalities for advanced e-commerce stores which deal with larger inventory and order quantities. If your online business has grown out of what Shopify has to offer, it’s time to upgrade to Shopify Plus.

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