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About Email Hosting

Email Hosting

Email hosting is server space that stores your email messages and associated files. Email hosting requirements will vary depending on the size of your business and your inbox.

We recommend Google Workspace

Secure ad-free business email and so much more through Gmail.

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Benefits of Google Workspace

Access All Areas

Access to all Gmail email hosting, video conferencing, file sharing, cloud storage and 24/7 support.

Easy IT Admin

Set up new employees emails and workspace with a few simple clicks. Google workspace runs autonomously and stays up to date with software and security updates.

Work From Anywhere

Access your email from anywhere through Gmail. Create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations across devices with real-time co-editing.

Well-known file types

Have peace of mind when working with popular and well-known file types such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, no need to learn any new confusing workspaces.

Email Hosting FAQ

Does Google Workspace work without Internet?

Yes it does! Gmail allows you to read, delete and reply to emails without an internet connection. You can also view and edit files stored in Drive and be productive and up to date no matter where you are.

Can I use my domain name?

Yes. Using your domain name is recommended when creating an email for your business for customer trust and professionalism. It would like yourname@yourdomain.com.au

What's included with Google Workspace?

All Google Workspace plans include a custom email and collaboration tools such as, Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs and everything you’re familiar with.

What's the difference between Google Workspace and Google's Free Apps?

With Google Workspace you will receive more business-grade services not included in Google’s free apps. You’ll also experience the extra storage, privacy business-grade support and security and longer group video meetings.

How much is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace starts at $8.40 per user/ month. Each user will have their own mailbox (Gmail log in & can have unlimited aliases to the same mailbox (admin@, accounts@, info@, sales@, customerservice@ etc.)

How do I migrate from my existing email provider?

This depends on your current email hosting provider. Some will allow back ups of your emails and can easily transfer to the new domain name. Others may require you to backup your own files and convert them to the new email.

Want to Know More?

Our team is able to help with the purchase, setup, integration and training of Email Hosting or Google Workspace. Contact us for more information:

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